Tuesday, June 23, 2015

Bicycles, Bridges, and Blogs... oh my!

Well, summer vacation has reached the end of week one, and I finally managed to get my bike out for a ride. I've been wanting to get it out for several weeks now, but due to time constraints, I was unable to. Then I managed to get completely scorched (I'm talking cooked lobster red) on my arms and chest last week when I was outside all day for the field day activities we had for our students.

So I decided today was the day to get out. I didn't have much planned, and I finally felt like I could stand to be out in the sun without feeling like my arms were boiling.

I went out and decided to check out the local bike trails. I was ready for pretty much anything (or anyone) that might have come along my path. So with my pepper spray in one pocket, and my cell phone in the other, I donned my helmet, grabbed my bike and took off... well, almost. I had to walk my bike up to the corner gas station to put some air in the tires, as both seemed to be pretty flat. But then I was on my way!

I was a bit nervous, since this was my first ride after breaking my ankle. I had been doing the recumbent bike in therapy, for 10 minutes per session, but I hadn't been on an actual bike outside riding. I wasn't sure how my ankle was going to take it. Luckily, it held out and is feeling pretty good!

While riding the local bike trails, I discovered that one trail that I had previously planned on checking out came to a dead end where I thought it started. Another one, aptly titled "Dead End Trail" had a killer hill. It was a short hill, but really steep. My summer goal is to make it up that hill without having to get off and walk my bike to the top!

While checking out the trails, a fox ran across my path. At first I thought it was a small dog, but as I got closer before he ran into the weeds, I realized that it was actually a fox. He was too quick for me to catch a picture, which was a bummer.

I also came to an area where the path went under the train tracks. As I started to ride through the tunnel, I couldn't help but think about the scene in "The Walking Dead" where Glen and Tara enter into the tunnel. This one wasn't nearly as long or as dark, but it was just as creepy! I was definitely on the lookout for Walkers while I was riding through!

 This was the tunnel over the creek, I didn't stop to get one of the tunnel the bike path went through!!

This is a little waterfall along the bike trail. I could have sat here and listened to it for hours, it was so peaceful and calming!

I didn't go super far, just under 6 miles total, but that's pretty good for my first ride! I can't wait to keep taking the trails and see what else I discover.

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