Sunday, March 9, 2014

Week 10

It is 2 for 1 weekend here at This Bridge Won't Burn! Due to last weekend's MASSIVE assignment, and the way this past week has gone, I am posting for TWO, count 'em, TWO weeks of blogs in one weekend!

You lucky ducks, you...

Ahhh, Monday. You are one day I look forward to least of all. It's not your fault, I don't imagine you asked to be the most loathed day of the week, yet here you are again. I wound up staying up too late on Sunday, watching the Oscars. In all reality, the only reason I stayed up was to watch Idina Menzel perform "Let it Go". Naturally, she wasn't on until well after 11. I participated in many the facebook discussions about the outfits, the winners, the performances, the selfie that broke twitter, and Travolta slaughtering poor Idina's name. has created a "Travoltify Your Name" generator. It's kind of awesome.

So naturally, I didn't make my workout on Monday.

I would like to interject what is probably the BEST video I have seen from the red carpet. Kevin Spacey is interviewed by BuzzFeed, and the interviewer asks him the types of questions that the female celebrities are often asked. His responses are hilarious. I will warn you, he does drop the f-bomb twice at the end of the video (it is bleeped out), but it just cracks me up none the less. Probably because of his reaction at the end.

Tuesday came around, trying to make up for Monday's shenanigans. I went to the gym and had a pretty typical day. Nothing too extraordinary happening today. Even though it's Fat Tuesday/Mardi Gras, it was a pretty typical day. I've hand a punzcki once, maybe twice in my life. I've never been overly impressed by them, and I can find several other things that I like a lot better that I'd be willing to maw down on to get the calories that I'd get from a punzcki. I figure, if I'm going to eat that many calories in one sitting, it better be something that makes it completely worth it. And I just don't feel that way about punzcki. Met up with my parents for dinner. We had tried to do dinner at the local steakhouse a few weeks ago, but we didn't consider the fact that it was a weekend, and that's the only decent restaurant in town. So we went tonight instead. I wound up getting a burger. I know, I know, who gets a burger at a steakhouse? Apparently this girl!

And then came Wednesday. This isn't just any Wednesday, this one's Ash Wednesday. The kick-off to Lent. I didn't make it to mass, because I finished my dinner after 7, and then thought to look at what time mass started. It started at 7... so I was ash-less this year. I decided this year that I am giving up social media (such as facebook, instagram, twitter, and pinterest [which I know isn't really "social media", but it is so tempting to look at and waste time on!]) and tv. So today started my absence from most technology.

It is HARD!

I actually clicked on both facebook and pinterest in my firefox browser Wednesday night. I exited the browser before the pages could fully load. I listened to probably a good 5 chapters in "Allegiant" before finally going to bed.

Thursday was another morning meeting, so no workout. I had to fight the temptation several times to not check out what was happening on facebook, especially when I was getting the notifications on my phone.

I swear, I NEVER get this many notifications from facebook in one day. I blame you people, who claim to be my friends but are sending me links, and messages, and tagging me in posts. You can't even let me make it two days?! You. Are. Jerks. (but I love you anyways).

Friday, I made it to the gym. Today is parent teacher conference day, so that makes it a short day for the kids, but a l-o-n-g day for us! After I got home, I had some dinner and jumped on the computer to do my discussion homework for school. While I was sitting in the silence, debating curriculum and standardized testing, I kept hearing a noise.

At first, I thought it was my blinds moving a bit. I should have known better.

I quickly realized that I was hearing mice scurrying in the walls of my apartment. I hate hearing them, because I worry that they'll somehow figure out a way into my apartment. These buildings are a bit older, and you never know if everything is as sealed as it should be. I decided the best thing to do was to share my misery, so I turned the volume up on my phone, and recorded a video of my wall so you can hear the mice running around, and I sent it via snapchat to my cousin with a description.

I feel that this was a productive use of 2 minutes of my time.

Saturday I got up and made my workout. Then came back and crashed for a couple of hours. Got around and did some things in the apartment that have needed to be done. Decided to go see Frozen, since it's still playing in Flint. Got cleaned up, dried my hair, and then laid down for a nap for a little bit. Wound up waking up 2 hours later - an hour and a half after my alarm was supposed to go off! Apparently my body decided that I was going to get accustomed to the time change in its own way! Got around and made it to Frozen just as the previews were starting.

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