Friday, March 7, 2014

Week 9

**I realize that I am nearly a week behind in posting this blog. I meant to get it last weekend, but with my project for school (read below) I just didn't have time to get to it on Sunday. And throughout the week, I couldn't seem to find a chance or focus before now.**

I have to admit, last week was just an off week for me. I didn't make it to the gym as many times as I would have liked. I don't think I am ever going to get accustomed to 4 AM workouts...

Monday, I wound up sleeping in. I wound up not getting to bed until late on Sunday, so I over slept on Monday. Don't get me wrong, the extra bit of sleep was nice to have, I just wish I had been able to get myself up and moving like I wanted!

Tuesday I was up and at the gym. I'm not sure which is better to walk/run to, my workout mix of songs, or the final book in the Divergent trilogy (Allegiant) on the Audible app on my phone. I've been listening to the book on the days where I don't plan on doing as much running because my ankle is bothering me or whatever. The music I find tends to be a better motivator for the running, because I have fast paced music saved for my workouts. Eventually I'll get around to posting the list of songs. I'm always happy to take suggestions, as my current list gets me through about 2-3 workouts before starting over again.

Wednesday and Thursday were rest days, because I usually have morning meetings. But both of those meetings were cancelled or rescheduled. I still slept in, just for the pure ability to do so. Even though I missed Monday, and I should have used one of them as a make up day!

I had an appointment Friday, so I took the day off from work. I wound up staying up late on Thursday in an attempt to complete my homework, so I could actually have a weekend.

I should have known better.

So I didn't make my workout on Friday, because I slept in. Then I was up late on Friday and Saturday in an attempt to crank through my Capstone A project so that I could submit it on time (on Sunday).

I'm wondering at what point in my academic career I will realize that procrastination is NOT a good idea?!

Some of you know, when I was at Siena, I had a public speaking class. One of the speeches we had to give was a "how to" speech. I spent a lot of time trying to come up with something that would be fresh and fun, because a lot of people had done things like, "How to Make a Peanut Butter and Jelly Sandwich" or "How to Tie Your Shoes". These were meant to be easy speeches, but I wanted something that hadn't been done before.

I'm pretty sure you can guess as to where this sucker is going...

At what wasn't quite the last minute, I came up with probably THE MOST brilliant idea ever. I was going to give a speech on how to properly procrastinate. I'm pretty sure that this was literally the best speech I have ever given in my nearly 30 years on this planet. I could give a speech on this topic like a professional. I had a flow chart for my visual (and not just any flowchart, this bad boy had PIZZAZZ); I had a breakdown of the time frame in which everything happens before a large assignment is due; and I even made a point of starting off my speech by putting up my flow chart and then telling the class that I figured it was pretty obvious as to what my speech was about, but I had unfortunately procrastinated so much that the flowchart was the only thing I got done. Among the slightly nervous, maybe even unbelieving laughter of my classmates sat my professor who's jaw practically hit the floor.

Again, I have to say, the best speech I've ever given, because you just can't make that up.

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