Sunday, February 2, 2014

Week 5

Saturday, I was up again at 4, made it to the gym. Then went back to my apartment and finished up some work before heading down to my parents' house. I was finally giving the grey berry back to dad and getting Reba (my car!) back. It has been so nice being able to drive my own car again!!

Sunday, I definitely overslept and didn't make it downstairs at my parents' house to get on the treadmill there. I had intended to, but I woke up at about 7:45 and I had to get around and get ready for church. That afternoon my mom and I went to a benefit dinner for a teacher that I worked with while subbing a few years ago. We got to see a lot of old friends, and even visited for a bit with my fourth grade teacher.

Monday, I accidentally overslept this morning, so I didn't make it to the gym. This is what is going to be the downfall of my workouts... sleep! I did stop at Meijer today to pick up the vanity that I ordered online. I figure I'll count getting that sucker up three flights of stairs as my exercise today. It weighs at least 40 pounds, then when you throw in packaging, I probably carried a good 45 pounds of awkward up the stairs. I had to laugh when the clerk asked me if I wanted help getting it into my car. Puh-leeze. I had to haul it up to my apartment by myself! Getting it into my car was the easiest part!

I have to admit, I didn't really get a lot of workouts in this week. Grades were due on Friday, and I wound up being up late almost every night trying to get those finished up. I always tell myself every quarter that I'm not going to allow myself to wind up in that position, yet it winds up happening every time!

I'm currently watching the Superbowl. Not really sure why Denver is "playing". This game is ridiculous! At least the Broncos finally wound up with 8 on the board!

Not a whole lot to post this week, but I promise next week I'll be more exciting!

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