Sunday, January 5, 2014

Week 1, Day 4

Yesterday I felt like everyone was being ridiculous by bombarding the stores to stock up on their groceries because of the oncoming storm.

I may have been wrong, this snow is crazy! I went out to clean the snow around and off from my car. I measured the snow on the hood of my car, and we're currently at about 6.5" and it's still coming down!

Last night, I couldn't sleep AGAIN. Throughout all of break, I've been on a fairly decent sleep schedule. Going to bed at a pretty good time and not sleeping in too late. Then the past few days, I've been unable to get to sleep, and then I'm up insanely late and sleeping in in the mornings.

So at 2 AM I finally went to bed. I was going to go earlier, but I was in the last 30 minutes of "Jarhead" and I wanted to see how it ended.

Two hours later, I was up again with my alarms. I don't know if it was the prospect of getting to go back to sleep, or the fact that I only slept 2 hours, but I was awake and ready to go!

Jumped out of bed, checked outside and decided that I wasn't going to risk it. There was plenty of snow that had come down during the night, and I figured the roads were going to be a hot mess. Not that I was worried about running into traffic on my trip to Snap, since I take all back roads and there's nobody around anyways at that time of day, but I didn't want my car to get stuck either.

So back to bed I went. Not that I was entirely disappointed in that option...

Once the plow trucks were done in our parking lot today, I went down to dig my car out. I figure this will make up for my lack of traveling to the gym this morning.

A before picture of my car... it's on the right.

After... I cleaned it, I swear!

The "official" measurement of snow. About 6.5 inches on my car.

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