Monday, January 6, 2014

Week 1, Day 5

I am done with my good deeds for the day.

I don't know how people in states that get dumped on every winter for a good part of the winter do it! I wound up digging out and clearing off my car again last night after I posted. I did help one of my neighbors clean off his car, as I was finishing up and getting ready to head back into the warmth last night, I saw that he was trying to clean off his car and he didn't have a hat or gloves on. I couldn't go in without helping him get in from the cold as quickly as possible, so I helped him out.

This morning I decided to walk up to my corner grocery store, as at least one person had gotten stuck trying to get out of the apartment parking lot.


I wore my glasses, and couldn't see a THING. Not to mention that when I started up there I was trying not to walk in the road. Wading through knee-deep snow with snow boots and jeans is not a great idea. I had leggings on to provide some extra warmth to my legs, but I knew that it wouldn't be long until both my jeans and leggings would be soaked through. Once I waded my way to the next driveway, I stumbled my way to the road and sludged through the car tracks to get to VG's.

Coming back I could only look down at the ground at my feet in an effort to block the wind as much as possible. I felt like I was walking through a snow storm. It was so windy, and there was so much snow flying around, that it took all my effort to continue walking into the wind. It felt like my face was being exfoliated by the snow!

Then I had to dig my car out for a third time. I had my car running for a bit in an effort to keep it running as the temp drops, and I realized that I needed gas. So up to the corner I went again, this time in my car. I had to stop for the light, and once it turned green, I was sure that I wasn't going to make it around the corner to get to the gas station. Somehow I managed it, and I was able to get back, although I didn't have to stop at all on my return trip which was definitely a good thing!

Started clearing snow from around my car again, and I wound up having to help a couple of neighbors push their cars out as they were trying to get out and got stuck.

The grand total of time I was outside in the snow for today is about 2 1/2 hours.

I am so exhausted, I had to have done at least three days worth of workouts in the past 24 hours, right?

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  1. I'm pretty sure just looking outside in this weather counts as a workout!