Wednesday, January 8, 2014

Week 1, Day 7

I survived!

My first week down, many more to go. :)

My alarm went off at 4 and I jumped out of bed. After three days of not getting out to Snap because of the weather, I COULD NOT get myself moving quickly! Part of that was because I discovered the last time that I went out there that working out on an empty stomach was an almost sure way to lead to passing out. I didn't actually pass out, but it was closer than I was comfortable with!

So I popped a Special K breakfast sandwich in the microwave, and sat and ate that for a few minutes. The sausage, egg, & cheese is crazy good. Although, I take the cheese off, because it's cheddar, but other than that, it actually tastes better than those greasy, calorie-laden sandwiches that you get from a drive-thru. Plus, doing it this way, it prevents me from getting a large pop, which is my go-to drink in the mornings when I stop to get breakfast.

If I learned nothing else today, it's that I need to sleep in my clothes for the gym so that I can get out of here more quickly. I do NOT move fast in the morning, I have a proven history on that one!

Today I finally took my Christmas tree down. I took the ornaments off the other day (with the exception of the one I accidentally found while taking my lights off last night!). I loaded up the tree and storage tote of lights and ornaments to put into my storage unit. Got to the unit, and my lock is frozen. Solid.

I'm not happy about this.

So I went back to my apartment, grabbed my lock de-icer that I have never actually used until this point, and headed back to my storage unit. Clearly, my lock de-icer is only meant for car locks, as it did NOTHING for my padlock on my storage unit. It wouldn't even fit into the lock. So that was a wasted trip. Since I finally got my tree and decorations down and out of my apartment, I was NOT hauling them back up the stairs to my apartment to try later. So currently my car has room for exactly one person, because I have a Christmas tree in the back and a box full of decorations riding shotgun.

Tomorrow's a new day, hopefully there's not a Grinch around tonight or tomorrow who feels the need to steal all of my Christmas items!


  1. Last year, I totally committed to getting to the gym in the AM before work. And I did until life made it impossible. I did it by setting the gym clothes out on top of my dresser and having the next days work clothes already in the gym bag the night before. Life being what it is, we have since opted for an elliptical in the living room and I save my exercise for after work but before dinner time. You'll figure out what works for you!

    1. I have tried getting in there after work, my problem is that I always have so much work to do at home once I leave work, from grading, lesson planning, cleaning, or making dinner that more often than not I would put working out on the back burner. I figure by forcing myself up in the morning, I have no other excuse than going back to sleep, and that's not good enough!